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Guest Editor
Chris Jones

Artist Interviews
Chris 51
Mike Young

Product Reviews
Formula 51 Ink
Electrum Stencil Primer

Tattoo Culture
Digging Deep with Leticia Molera Vasquez
Mark Draven’s Ink Fusion
Fake It To Make It
Science Inktion
Lost Meaning?

Tattoo Start-to-Finish with Mat Lapping
Photoshop Tutorial with Josh Bodwell
Cintiq Digital Step-by-Step with Matt Difa
Painting on Wood with Craig Driscoll
Oil Painting Techniques with Kelvin Slack
Tattoo Start-to-Finish with Rich Pineda


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Jeremiah Rothschild Page 1 Jeremiah Rothschild Page 2 Jeremiah Rothschild Page 3 Jeremiah Rothschild Page 4 Jeremiah Rothschild Page 5

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Alvin Chong Page 1Alvin Chong Page 2Alvin Chong Page 3Alvin Chong Page 4Paul Vander-Johnson Page 1Paul Vander-Johnson Page 2Paul Vander-Johnson Page 3Paul Vander-Johnson Page 4Paul Vander-Johnson Page 5Paul Vander-Johnson Page 6

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